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In target shooting competitions it's common to plot your shots for record keeping. Plot-o-matic style plotting is becoming more and more popular as it is able to visually represent what the wind is doing to your shots during the course of fire and enable competitors make better judgements on the wind conditions.

This app allows you to seamlessly switch between traditional plots and plot-o-matic. Shots can be entered as simply as tapping your aim point, tapping the point of impact, then clicking save! Simply adjust your scope values in the app track those on your turret and you'll always be in-sync with your plot.

Currently the application only supports MOA scope adjustments (both 1/4 and 1/8 click supported) and supports many US, UK and International targets.

Session details are exportable to CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel) providing a table listing scores, scope settings, and aim / impact points as MOA from centre - Allowing you to run statistical analysis on your own data.

This app has been developed by an F-Class shooter in their spare time over a couple of years as they felt other apps on the market were lacking something. With nothing better still out there, the app is finally ready for a wider audience - Every purchase will go specifically to funding the hobby!

For useful references on Plot-o-matic plotting you can either read 'The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters' By Linda K. Miller and Keith A. Cunningham or refer to the excellent article 'How to improve your score through strategy' by Adam MacDonald ( Please note the developer is not affiliated with any of these authors, but can highly recommend both.

Supported Features

Check out how you can improve your shooting

'Plot-O-Matic' plotting

Easily switch to 'Plot-O-Matic' and see how the wind is really effecting your shots and adjust your group

CSV Export

Export your session data. Includes POA and POI as MOA from centre, Score, Notes and more


Two customisable session notes and even notes against individual shots

All in one place

No more soggy plot sheets getting lost or ripped. Easily look back at past plots

Many popular target faces available

Many Bisley UK, US, and International targets supported

Wind and Elevation graphs

Based on your point-of-aim against point-of-impact analyse the fluctuations in the wins

Less Cognitive Load

With easy input and scope settings to hand, you can focus on what matters

Supporting the developer

His wife says everything he earns from the app can be spent on guns

Improve your shooting today

Our app is available for iPad only. Download from the store to get started!

Stop Guessing.

Start Plotting.

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